Our Leadership

Jason Gerdes Council President   Jason is in his third year on the council, currently serving as president.  He and his wife, Leslie, and their three kids have been a part of the American Lutheran Church community for three years.  They love how warmly they were welcomed into the community and how quickly they were asked to be involved.  Jason is proud of how American Lutheran is living out its faith in Christ by serving those in our community and beyond.

Jen Wilson
Council Vice-President
Jen is in her third year serving on council, currently in the position of vice-president.  Jen’s husband, Jamie, serves the congregation as a musician and in various other roles.  They have four children, Emilie, Becca, Bryce, and Brooke.  Their family has been a part of the American Lutheran Church community for more than twelve years.  For them, ALC is their extended family and they love seeing new faces intermixed with the old.  Jen is in awe of how ALC is Living God’s Welcome in the community through the Closet and Kids’ Cupboard.

Stephanie Lusienski

Council Treasurer
Stephanie is in her second year on council, currently serving as treasurer.  Stephanie and her husband, Jerry, along with their three grown children, have been a part of the American Lutheran Church community for more than twenty years.  All three of their children were baptized and confirmed at ALC.  Stephanie loves being a member of American Lutheran and she is humbly honored to be a part of a faith community that serves others and welcomes everyone, no matter their faith, ethnicity, or gender.  It is truly a welcome place!

Brad Van Houten

Council Secretary

Brad grew up near Whiting, Iowa, and he lived and worked in Omaha for five years before moving to Ashland in 2010.  Brad and his wife, Brigitte, were married in 2011 and joined American Lutheran about a year later.  They have two daughters.  Hannah was born in 2013, and Emma was born in 2016.  Brad is currently employed as a software developer at TD Ameritrade in Omaha, and Brigitte stays home with the girls.

Brad Carlson


Brad is in his first year serving on the council.  Brad and his wife, Megan, and their two children, Harper and Jace, moved to Ashland in 2016, and have been a part of the American Lutheran Church community for a little over a year.  Their family is excited to grow their faith within the church and community, while establishing new relationships and friendships.

Erin Gambaiana


Erin is in her first year serving on the ALC council. Her family has been at ALC for just over two years. She is a senior art director at an Omaha creative agency. Erin and her husband, Joe, have lived in Ashland since 2006 and have enjoyed getting to know more and more about the community and everyone who lives here. Their kids, Grace (9) and Rocco (5) are in 4th grade and kindergarten. Rocco is active in wrestling, soccer and tee-ball. Grace is really into fashion and dance and plays soccer. They have a constant project in their 100-year-old home and enjoy getting to Plattsmouth to see family and camp.

Troy Judy


Troy is in his third year serving on the council.  He and his wife, Julie, have lived in Ashland for over twenty years.  They have four adult children and four grandchildren. Troy, currently, works in maintenance at Western Sand, after working as a mechanic for thirty years. He has been a part of the American Lutheran Church community for about four years.  Troy loves how welcoming the ALC community is.  From his very first visit here, he has always felt like he was at home with his family.

Bob Luebbe


Bob and his family have lived in the Ashland area and have been a part of the American Lutheran Church community for over twenty years.  He is married to Christy and they have two daughters, Hannah and Ellie. Bob is president of Linoma Software, which is a technology company based in Ashland. In their spare time, Bob and Christy enjoy camping, traveling and spending time with family. Bob enjoys playing guitar and helping with praise worship. Their family really enjoys worshiping at American Lutheran Church and they appreciate all of the great friendships they have developed here.

Brandon Nygren


Brandon lived in Ashland all of his life, until moving to Omaha in October 2016. He teaches fifth grade at Ashland-Greenwood Public Schools, and is currently in the Educational Administration program at UNK, working towards a master’s degree in administration. Brandon is, also, an assistant high school boys basketball coach at Ashland-Greenwood. He has been a part of the American Lutheran Church community for twenty-three years, and stays involved by teaching Sunday School, being the recreation leader at vacation bible school, and ushering. Brandon, along with the rest of the council, is committed to serving ALC through a growth mindset.